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At Dr. Energy Saver Lansing, we are the leading professional energy saving company in Michigan. Offering cutting edge home energy conservation audits and upgrades to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

Our home energy specialists can conduct a whole house energy audit in your home to show you how your home uses and loses energy; and how you might be wasting money without even knowing it. Our energy efficiency audit is a complete home assessment and evaluation focused on reducing the amount of energy used and lost in your home.

What are benefits of our home energy audit?

  • Surveys home energy flows for energy conservation
  • Examines the home's interior and exterior systems to locate weaknesses
  • Measures the air-tightness of your home
  • Itemizes cost-effective opportunities for energy savings

Our company proudly offers our quality energy saving solutions at an affordable price to Michigan residents. Our energy saving solutions and energy efficiency tips can improve the health and comfort of your home.

Contact our company today to schedule your home energy audit in Ann Arbor, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Jackson, Holland, Battle Creek, East Lansing, Portage, Wyoming, Zeeland and throughout Mid Michigan! All home energy evaluations are preformed by one of our highly trained, certified residential energy auditors.

Our Team of Expert Energy Auditors can find Energy Saving Opportunities for Your MI Home - Find out how!

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  • "Everyone was polite and on time." Read Full Testimonial

    Mike & Jane C. of Plymouth, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Very professional. After several other bids (which needed a check immediately to get the "deal"), your salesman was great! He was knowledgeable and there was no pressure. Everyone was polite and on time, and went right to work from the moment the salesman arrived until the crew with the vacuum left, we were very pleased.
    Mike & Jane C.
    Plymouth, MI
  • "My house if so much better!" Read Full Testimonial

    Bruce G. of Ann Arbor, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Thanks for all you did! My house is so much better and improved!
    Bruce G.
    Ann Arbor, MI
  • "Nice people to work with." Read Full Testimonial

    Albert Albrt G. of Ann Arbor, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Were you satisfied with our entire process? Yes very satisfied. A bit disappointed that one job could not be done because of limited space in the lower attic. Would you use us again? Yes, definitely.
    Albert Albrt G.
    Ann Arbor, MI
  • "We actually have already noticed the final results." Read Full Testimonial

    Peter M. of Ann Arbor, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              If ever asked about weatherization by others we would recommend Dr. Energy Saver. They made the process easy to understand and provided us the results we desired. We actually have already noticed the final results.
    Peter M.
    Ann Arbor, MI
  • "We have already experienced savings and the rebates are nice!" Read Full Testimonial

    John & Karen S. of Ann Arbor, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Dr. Energy Saver found a number of ways to make our home more energy efficient. We've already experienced savings and the rebates are nice. We appreciate all the workers professionalism as well.
    John & Karen S.
    Ann Arbor, MI
  • "The team was friendly, polite, and cleaned up after themselves." Read Full Testimonial

    Donna F. of Ann Arbor, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              The weather was bad the day of our install so the crew coming to our home called ahead and told us they would be running a little behind. The work was well explained and done in a timely manner. The team was friendly, polite, and cleaned up after themselves.
    Donna F.
    Ann Arbor, MI
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Energy Saver." Read Full Testimonial

    Susan B. of Ann Arbor, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              John Haines was very accommodating to work with. Our house felt like it was in two different climate zones (upstairs vs. downstairs). Now that we are "sealed up" IT IS EVEN. Thank you Dr. Energy Saver for helping us "even out" our lives! I highly recommend Dr. Energy Saver.
    Susan B.
    Ann Arbor, MI
  • "Very Satisfied." Read Full Testimonial

    Cheryl S. of Ann Arbor, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Very Satisfied. I can already tell that it has made a big difference. My upstairs floor is finally warmer than the main floor and basement. The condo feels more evenly heated.
    Cheryl S.
    Ann Arbor, MI
  • "Everyone we dealt with was very nice, helpful, and accommodating." Read Full Testimonial

    Rachel S. of Grass Lake, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              WE would love to use Dr. Energy again if ever needed. Although we hope that is never the case! Everyone we dealt with was very nice, helpful, and accommodating.
    Rachel S.
    Grass Lake, MI
  • "Process was very professional." Read Full Testimonial

    Suha N. of Grand Blanc, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Process was very professional. It was great finding Dr. Energy Saver. They are a very good company that deals with this type of issue. Thanks for the great job!
    Suha N.
    Grand Blanc, MI
  • "I am very satisfied and warm!" Read Full Testimonial

    Pam C. of Clark Lake, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              The whole process went by quick and efficiently. We can definitely feel the results. I am very satisfied and warm!
    Pam C.
    Clark Lake, MI
  • "Worth the money." Read Full Testimonial

    Claude S. of Clark Lake, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Yes, very good about correcting problems. Yes, worth the money.
    Claude S.
    Clark Lake, MI
  • "The cost was reasonable and the workmanship professional." Read Full Testimonial

    Cherie T. of Munith, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              The initial consultation was thorough and everything was explained well. The personnel across the board was a pleasure to work with: from office staff, to doctors, to production, to follow up crews...everyone was great. The cost was reasonable and the workmanship professional. I have been very pleased with this company and its people!
    Cherie T.
    Munith, MI
  • "The crew was great." Read Full Testimonial

    Victor L. of Stockbridge, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Very satisfied. The crew was great and one of them even stayed after yo make some ups. They did a great clean up job as well. Great Job!
    Victor L.
    Stockbridge, MI
  • "I am very happy with the work that has been done." Read Full Testimonial

    James M. of Flint, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              We would love to recommend them to anyone who might be in need of their type of work. We were very satisfied and am very happy with the work that has been done.
    James M.
    Flint, MI
  • "The workers were very cordial." Read Full Testimonial

    Alberta Z. of Jackson, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              We hope we do not need anymore services again but if we do, we would choose Dr. Energy to do the work. We really enjoyed the whole process and learned a lot about our home. The workers very cordial, and we may already have a referral lined up!
    Alberta Z.
    Jackson, MI
  • "We were very happy with our experience." Read Full Testimonial

    Don & Gloria P. of Jackson, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              We found that all of the men who came to our home were very courteous and thorough. They took the time to answer our questions and concerns. We were very happy with our experience.
    Don & Gloria P.
    Jackson, MI
  • "All rooms were cleaned and picked up." Read Full Testimonial

    Stewart K. of Williamston, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              All rooms were cleaned and picked up well except for the last room done. Saw dust and wood chips were laying all over the floor in my sump pump room. I was not a very happy person when I saw this left in a mess.
    Stewart K.
    Williamston, MI
  • "The Dr. Energy staff seemed very knowledgeable, personable, and friendly." Read Full Testimonial

    Lori S. of Corunna, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Dr. Energy was willing to work with our schedule and accomplish said work in a timely manner. We are pleased with the results to date, however we are anxious to track a full year cycle's worth of savings. The Dr. Energy staff seemed very knowledgeable, personable, and friendly.
    Lori S.
    Corunna, MI
  • "Excellent work, very satisfied with original work and follow-up." Read Full Testimonial

    Gary L. of Mason, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              We were very satisfied with the Dr. Energy process. We have already recommended them to others. Overall excellent work, very satisfied with original work and follow-up. Very professional.
    Gary L.
    Mason, MI

Home energy systems are way more complicated than they seem. Your individual energy system is composed of many systems that work together or sometimes against each other to determine how much energy is consumed. Kind of like a virus, one problem leads to another, for example, air leaks in your duct work may exhaust your heating and cooling systems, causing them to work twice as hard and ultimately raise your monthly utility bill. Same goes for air leaks throughout your home, if you have air leaks in your attic the conditioned air you are paying for is shooting upstairs and squeezing through air cracks.

That's why our comprehensive whole house energy evaluation is so effective. Our energy assessment is a thorough examination and evaluation of your entire home - from your attic to your basement. When Dr. Energy Saver Lansing completes your home energy assessment, you'll see how your house uses and loses energy. We then provide prioritized suggestions for home repairs, which immediately improve your home's interior comfort levels and energy usage.

There are a number of different symptoms that could be associated with energy deficiency that you may not have even thought of. For instance, did you know that dusty rooms could be caused by air leaks and leaky ductwork? Learn more about the signs of energy problems and how you could benefit from our professional energy assessment.

Dr. Energy Saver Lansing offers a custom energy audit to homeowners in Michigan and nearby! We would like to help you improve your home living and start lasting savings with our energy conservation solutions.

Our Energy Audit Helps you get the Most out of your Investment

Home Energy Audits

Saving energy saves you money. A whole house energy audit done by Dr. Energy Saver Lansing shows you where your home is losing the most energy and details what should be fixed in order to get the best opportunities for savings.

A Dr. Energy Saver Lansing energy audit is a comprehensive testing of your home's energy system. Our audit analyzes your energy consumption and thoroughly examines your energy systems with our professional equipment, such as our blower door test and infrared cameras. Once we locate your home's weaknesses we then prioritize where your best energy saving opportunities are and will fix them for you.

Many weatherization programs, smaller subsidiaries and state programs are dreadfully inadequate. Their idea of an energy audit doesn't match up to our comprehensive assessment, many incomplete audits won't include all of the services we do. We check everything from insulation health to duct leaks and use state of the art equipment to do so.

Receiving a "limited" energy audit may actually be harmful to your home. Overlooked information may have long-term repercussions on your home and even your wallet. You may have some hard to find air leaks within your home or you may have some leaky ductwork spilling conditioned air into your attic, crawl space or basement.

Pinpoint Energy Problems and Provide Solutions Where you Need them Most

Contact our company today to schedule an energy audit to reduce your home's energy consumption. We also provide a Free Estimate for insulation installation, duct cleaning or any of the other energy saving services we offer in Lansing, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, Grandville, Hudsonville, Rockford, Zeeland, Charlotte, Ionia, Jenison and the surrounding Mid Michigan area. We help homeowners locate their energy weaknesses and turn them into energy strengths!

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