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Paying too much for heating or cooling in your home? Are some rooms in your house noticeably more uncomfortable than the rest?  We can fix that! The home energy and insulation contractors at Dr. Energy Saver Lansing have the cure for any home energy issue.  Our home insulation solutions offer a permanent fix for your home’s energy inefficiencies.

Dr. Energy Saver Lansing provides homeowners with many home energy, insulation, heating, and air conditioning service options they can rely on.  As Mid Michigan’s authorized Dr. Energy Saver dealer, our team is highly trained in many areas to understand what causes home energy and comfort issues, as well as what the best methods are to fix them. Contact us today for a FREE home energy improvement quote!


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We have helped hundreds of homeowners in the Mid Michigan area fix their uncomfortable homes, and they have not only been pleased with our service, but also the immediate results. Our slogan is “We Fix Uncomfortable Homes” and we take pride in knowing that what we do creates a more comfortable environment for you and your family.

Our team of home energy experts is Michigan’s preferred contractor for all home insulation, air sealing, HVAC, window replacement, and energy needs. We have helped homeowners create more energy efficient homes in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, and surrounding areas, and we would love to help you too!

Completed Home Energy Projects in Mid Michigan

Upgrading to SilverGlo Barriers in Saline, MI Before
Upgrading to SilverGlo Barriers in Saline, MI After

Upgrading to SilverGlo Barriers in Saline, MI

After moving into this home less than a year ago, Chris and Kate started to notice something strange happening with the home’s temperatures. Their kids’ bedroom were occasionally ten degrees lower than the rest of the house. Hoping to find the answer to their problems in the attic, they traveled upstairs and were disappointed to discover how poorly it was insulated. It appeared that the previous owners had used balsa wool, seen in the after photos, to insulate the roof rafters. The only problem was that not all of the rafters were covered. The insulation had started to fall down and some areas were completely missing it. Chris and Kate called us looking for a solution.

The Dr. Energy Saver crew replaced the old, falling insulation with our SilverGlo radiant barrier panels. Unlike the previous insulation, the walls are held in place using attachments, so bits and pieces won’t start to fall away. As you can see, the walls are bright silver and will actually reflect heat back into the attic, while also blocking cold air from entering. The barriers are just what the doctor ordered for a case of a cold attic. 

Whole House Fan Insulation Box in Ann Arbor, MI Before
Whole House Fan Insulation Box in Ann Arbor, MI After

Whole House Fan Insulation Box in Ann Arbor, MI

Whole house fans have been used for years to cheaply and conveniently cool a home when conditions are right. But in some cases, the fans are not correctly insulated and are a key point for air to escape. Dr. Energy solves this problem by making a customized box for the whole house fan that prevents air from being able to escape through the opening in the ceiling that the fan creates. Depending on if the home owner still uses the fan or not, Dr. Energy will make the top of the box either sealed shut or hinged so it can be opened when the fan is in use. In this Ann Arbor home's case, the box was sealed shut. 

Can Light Boxes Made for Ann Arbor, MI Home Before
Can Light Boxes Made for Ann Arbor, MI Home After

Can Light Boxes Made for Ann Arbor, MI Home

Can lights are a convenient spot for air to seep through and cause undesired temperature changes. This inefficiency can lead to higher energy bills, less comfort, and less value in a home. Because can lights get so hot, it is unsafe to simply poor insulation over the top of the light and hope it gets the job done. Instead, Dr. Energy solves this problem by making customized boxes that never make contact with the can lights but still insulate them very well. 

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At Dr. Energy Saver Lansing, we offer our customers nothing but the highest quality in products and services. Our wide variety of home energy products allows us to create a comprehensive plan that is customized based on your home’s needs. Improving the insulation in your home has many benefits such as helping lower monthly utility costs, keeping your home cooler in the summer, and much more. 

As an authorized Dr. Energy Saver dealer and accredited Building Performance Institute (BPI) contractor, it is easy to see why homeowners trust Dr. Energy Saver Lansing for all of their home insulation and energy needs. If your home isn’t as energy efficient or comfortable as you would like, contact us today for a FREE consultation. We Fix Uncomfortable Homes!

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